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How to Repurpose Your Case Study Content

Savvy marketers constantly hit customer touchpoints —  those engagement opportunities between business and current and potential consumers. A case study can help feed your content pipeline for weeks. So imagine what a regular drip of success studies could do for your business. For example, you can use case studies or just segments of them for your:

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Customer success studies build your brand and help close sales. Contact Joe Duffy to start your case study marketing campaign today.   /   949.285.6813



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Learn how case studies can help you keep and create customers while helping to fill your content pipeline.

Contact Joe Duffy today to discuss.   /   949.285.6813


Case/success studies are shareable, in-depth stories about how you solved your customer's pain. Here's why case studies should be part of your content marketing plan:

Objective successes are powerful nuggets of trust that you must keep throwing at your current and potential customers.

Your best customers should be part of your salesforce. Have them tell the world how your product or service solved their pain.

Case studies or what we like to call success studies objectively legitimize your product or service to your potential customers, current patrons and business partners.

Case studies position you as an authority by educating customers.

Anonymous case studies can still deliver a powerful message.

Case studies are hyper-fuel for your content pipeline because they are highly shareable. One study can hit over a dozen touchpoints.

Use your case study content to close more sales.

Broadcast your success stories across your content pipeline.

Put your customers on your sales team.

Crafting dynamic

success stories

that help you

keep and create customers.

From Forbes...

"The 5 most important marketing tactics for B2B businesses are (in order): in-person events, webinars/webcasts, case studies, white papers and videos."